Wonder Woman X Revlon Palette & Get Ready with Me

Hey, look! It's a new palette from Revlon...featuring a collaboration with the Wonder Woman franchise. This palette plays homage to the upcoming #WW84 movie set to be released in June (pending social distancing, I'm sure). I believe it had already been delayed because of the stay-home orders across the nation.

The film itself is set in 1984 - an time where bright colors and big hair were all the rage - totally fun, totally awesome, and totally edgy. This palette reflects all the fun that came from the 80s and I had a lot of fun coming up with a colorful look that is inspired by the 80s, though not a true replication of the makeup trends of the time.

For this look, I focused on playing with as many shades as I could, featuring the burnt orange, hot pink, turquoise, purple, dark brown, and the lighter champagne shade. Not bad, right?

For your viewing pleasure, here is the makeup tutorial and #GRWM video!:

Let me know if you have questions! Be powerfully you,


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