How to Fix an Ugly Eye Shadow Fallout Mess

You know that gut-wrenching moment of dread when your perfectly-applied foundation and concealer is ruined when your glittery eye shadow fallout clings to it?! UGGGGH

You try sweeping it away with a brush only to see that it streaks and the glitter won't go away. You apply more concealer and foundation to try and cover it up, but it looks cakey and gross, so you remove it all and apply it again, but this time, it doesn't match the rest of your face very well. Ugh. Your makeup doesn't have to be ruined though!

Okay, so behind the scenes, makeup can be messy. It can be ugly. It can just be wroooong on so many levels... what you don't often see on YouTube is all the mistakes or corrections we have to make to our makeup behind the scenes. You're made to believe that our makeup is perfectly applied every time. NOT true.

Most YouTubers skip steps and don't show you what REALLY happens in between those skip jumps in editing. In this particular video below, I wanted to show you how I fix ugly, messy fallout when I already have a full face of foundation - how to fix it without having to remove all of it and without having patchy or mismatched makeup!

Much love - stay electric,


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